"Some modern lesbian philosophers, such as Marilyn Frye, have lamented the lack of a lesbian sexual language and the paucity of lesbian sexual codes and rituals. I have always been struck by the ahistorical quality of this yearning for a public lesbian sexual self, since lesbian life in America from at least the thirties through … Continue reading


nails have always had a particularly resonant power for me - some of my earliest impressions of feminine glamour are memories of outrageously long, bright nails on actresses in movies that were impossible to ignore as they gesticulated and spoke.   now they are one way I signify my high stone femness. they emphasize my … Continue reading


is there anything so fine on this fine earth as an older butch? you’re irresistible. the way you smile, the way you cock your hips as you stand and the way you love, tender and rough, your fingertips and tongue skilled from years of practice. it is always you that catches my eye the most, … Continue reading fine

I miss butches so much. I am only just now beginning to emerge back into the world after so long just outside of it. I have not been intimate with anyone in four years. I haven't wanted to be. the last time was with someone who was abusing me - a trans man I was … Continue reading

beneath you I am on my back my legs wide the heart of me spread despite how often I’ve been hurt there I pull you in as though you never could when they say I am not giving I wonder why all this is not enough.

Iconic Lesbian Historians: Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis

the other day I posted this wonderful quote from the essential Persistent Desire. today, I thought I would share a little information about the two impressive and inspirational lesbian women who wrote it. sections in commas are reproduced from the wiki pages, which are linked below. Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy born in 1939, she is a … Continue reading Iconic Lesbian Historians: Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis