butches and button-ups

a reader sent me this question: why do butches love button-up shirts so much? does business casual/slightly dressy attire have some historical value within the lesbian community or is it just widely considered A Look by butches everywhere? yes it does - in a few different ways. partially, it springs from the bar culture of … Continue reading butches and button-ups


categorised in the lesbian herstory archives as “survival literature”, lesbian-themed pulp fiction novels flourished through the 1940s-1960s in america. at a time when being a lesbian was still illegal, these cheap, quickly consumable books were the only representation available - and for many, the only connection they had to a sense of lesbian identity at all. the wiki entry is … Continue reading lesbian pulp fiction: adam and two eves

lesbian pulp fiction: adam and two eves

bulldagger of the season 1981, honey lee cottrell “the context that I created for the bulldagger centrefold was lifted from the playboy centrefold. the response to that picture was amplified by the context of presentation in a lesbian sex magazine [on our backs].  those of us who are urbane east and west coast dwellers were prepared to … Continue reading bulldagger of the season: honey lee cottrell

bulldagger of the season: honey lee cottrell

"Some modern lesbian philosophers, such as Marilyn Frye, have lamented the lack of a lesbian sexual language and the paucity of lesbian sexual codes and rituals. I have always been struck by the ahistorical quality of this yearning for a public lesbian sexual self, since lesbian life in America from at least the thirties through … Continue reading

nails have always had a particularly resonant power for me - some of my earliest impressions of feminine glamour are memories of outrageously long, bright nails on actresses in movies that were impossible to ignore as they gesticulated and spoke.   now they are one way I signify my high stone femness. they emphasize my … Continue reading