it is not at all uncommon for fems to question ourselves over the authenticity of our identities, and our right to claim them. many fems have difficulty expressing exactly what it is that makes us fem - and when we struggle so much to define it to ourselves, justifying it to others can seem impossible. … Continue reading on claiming ‘fem’


on claiming ‘fem’

dress up for daddy

I found this wonderful relic from the days of VHS while doing some spring cleaning. it was given to me by a fem friend over ten years ago. fatale media was founded by nan kinney, who was also a co-founder of on our backs. through fatale, the first porn made by and for women was released in … Continue reading dress up for daddy

on ‘high fem’

the high fem identity is viewed generally with suspicion and contempt, for many different reasons. contemporary understanding is that it refers to a highly constructed appearance of conventional femininity that is labour intensive and costly to maintain. the burden of gender performance on women under the heteropatriarchy makes many suspicious of a perceived adeptness at … Continue reading on ‘high fem’

"If we are to piece together a profound feminist and lesbian history, we must begin asking questions about the lives of these women that we have not asked before, and to do this we will have to elevate curiosity to a much more exalted position than concepts of politically correct sexuality would ever allows us … Continue reading