Even Femmes Go Down Morgan Gwenwald, 1983 every so often, the debate about 'lesbian nails' gets rehashed, without ever progressing or introducing anything new. it's been a topic of contention in lesbian community since 'lesbian community' became established - this image exemplifies that, with this femme's long red nails in prominent display, even as she … Continue reading


I didn’t wear them for you, but I thought about you when I put them on patent black, gleaming unnaturally slick eight inch heels, thin as threads on which the rest of me balanced I thought about you and what you might think when you saw me in them what I hoped you might think … Continue reading

Old-Fashioned, Old-School: A Beginner’s Guide for Butches & Fems

“old-fashioned, old-school” is a term used to describe a way of butch-fem interaction that embraces old-fashioned social behaviours - such as courtship rituals, chivalry and etiquette. these behaviours are observed for the mutual pleasure they bring to relationships and romance, and for how they reinforce and affirm individuals’ experiences of butch and fem identity and … Continue reading Old-Fashioned, Old-School: A Beginner’s Guide for Butches & Fems

"My life has taught me that touch is never to be taken for granted, that a woman reaching for my breasts or parting my legs is never a common thing, that her fingers finding me and her tongue taking me are not mysterious acts to be hidden away, but all of it, the embraces, the … Continue reading

Invitation Morgan Gwenwald, 1986 what I love about this invitation is that it’s left open to interpretation by the viewer. this fem might be offering herself to be restrained - or she might be suggesting her lover submit themselves to her. either way, she is taking control of her erotic desires, the ultimate sexual intent … Continue reading

photo by Lia L'attentive taken at Butch, Please! once upon a time, I was enjoying a hot chocolate at a favourite cafe in the gaybourhood, a cozy little nook that served hearty food at good prices and was drenched in the sunshine and style of urban queer life. I glanced out the window and, sitting … Continue reading