beneath you I am on my back my legs wide the heart of me spread despite how often I’ve been hurt there I pull you in as though you never could when they say I am not giving I wonder why all this is not enough.

Iconic Lesbian Historians: Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis

The other day I posted this wonderful quote from the essential Persistent Desire. Today, I thought I would share a little information about the two impressive and inspirational lesbian women who wrote it. Sections in commas are reproduced from the wiki pages, which are linked below. Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Born in 1939, she is a … Continue reading Iconic Lesbian Historians: Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis

"The key to understanding the butch-fem erotic system is to grasp that it both imitates and transforms heterosexuality. The obvious similarity between butch-fem and male-female eroticism is that they are both based on gender polarity: in lesbian culture, masculine and feminine appearance was central to erotic attraction. In addition, there are also more subtle parallels. … Continue reading


the very idea that stone fems “don’t reciprocate” implies there is nothing valuable in allowing another full access to your body as an expression of desire for them. that there is no reciprocity in holding another in all their vulnerability against you and within you. that there is no generosity in reflecting the desire of another, … Continue reading giving

“the butch gaze: blatant lesbian desire”

in recent years, there’s been an increasingly vitriolic push-back out of the queer community against the idea of butch women being open in their desire, especially if their desire is fem women. the gender non-conformity of butches here is used to project an essentially male status onto them in relationship to other women. therefore, their … Continue reading “the butch gaze: blatant lesbian desire”