"In the 1940s and 1950s, being a butch or part of a butch-fem couple on the streets meant claiming the identity of difference, of being a “homo” or a “queer.” “Homo” was the term commonly used to designate their difference by those who came out in the 1930s and 1940s while “queer” is the language … Continue reading


lesbian pulp fiction: warped desire

with literally thousands of titles published in the decades between 1930 - 1970, I always knew when I set out to collect lesbian pulps, some twenty odd years ago, that I would have to be selective in my efforts. building a complete collection was unlikely to be possible - for so many reasons. my ambition … Continue reading lesbian pulp fiction: warped desire

the new butch?

whilst Sinclair Sexsmith’s latest piece “we need the new butch” makes some great points about racism, surgical choices, stigma against the feminine and the right of butches to be sexually submissive and receptive, it seems clear that Sexsmith themself both equates and conflates butchness with maleness - leading to some logical fallacies straight out of … Continue reading the new butch?

  images like this make me ache for access to archives of On Our Backs and the similar lesbian sex publications that flourished at the time. this is what resonates so deeply in my soul it seems elemental - a desire felt innately, a shock of recognition, a reflection finally for what I had no name, no … Continue reading