nails have always had a particularly resonant power for me – some of my earliest impressions of feminine glamour are memories of outrageously long, bright nails on actresses in movies that were impossible to ignore as they gesticulated and spoke.  

now they are one way I signify my high stone femness. they emphasize my gestures. they underscore the labour involved in how I present myself. they make my femininity all the more overt. all of this appeals to the kind of butch I like. a butch who finds my extreme gender polarity as sensual and erotic as I do theirs, who appreciates all the tiny details a fem pays to her appearance.

I use them to flirt – I’m expressive and I’m aware of the impact they make when I lift my glass, or touch up my lipstick. when I touch her arm gently, or her thigh – she’s going to glance at my hand and she’s going to think about how those nails will feel down her back.  and she’s going to want to know for sure.

they tell her something too. something important. hands have always had a significant role to play in lesbian sex. as much as the stone butch keeping her nails trimmed, clean and free of any rough edges has sensual meaning in the fem’s eyes, so too does the way a fem keeps her hands make implicit promises to a butch.  enticing ones, about the ways I will touch her. assuring ones too, about the ways that I won’t.

my hands are a high stone fem’s hands. they have their own erotic appeal to a stone butch. they will have their own roles to play in her desires. this is how aesthetics actually operate as culture in butch-fem community. they are not markers on a scale of degrees to femininity or masculinity.  rather, they are meaningful to our desired partners for what they suggest about our erotic tastes and relational behaviour.


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