Invitation Morgan Gwenwald, 1986 what I love about this invitation is that it’s left open to interpretation by the viewer. this fem might be offering herself to be restrained - or she might be suggesting her lover submit themselves to her. either way, she is taking control of her erotic desires, the ultimate sexual intent … Continue reading


photo by Lia L'attentive taken at Butch, Please! once upon a time, I was enjoying a hot chocolate at a favourite cafe in the gaybourhood, a cozy little nook that served hearty food at good prices and was drenched in the sunshine and style of urban queer life. I glanced out the window and, sitting … Continue reading

"She said one of her favorite moments of the weekend was when we were at the rock show on Saturday night. It was hot inside, though cold outside, and she carried her thin jacket until I took it from her, folded it gently and draped it over my arm. Held it for her all night. … Continue reading


“What an experience making “the femme tapes”! Our mutual hysteria at finding someone else who recognised that hunger, that desperate need, the desire to be “fucked senseless” and to know that we have, would and do put up with some incredible shit to get it.” Madeline Davis, “A Letter to My Femme Sisters” The Persistent … Continue reading hunger

"There was a film from Finland in the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival about a female-to-male transsexual. It was beautiful and riveting. But what it said to me was that to make the transition to becoming a man you had to want one thing: to be among men as a man. You … Continue reading