fem in context: sex and identity, a language of love

for all the ways that fem identity is discussed and debated in contemporary discourse, in everything that gets said about what makes a fem, or a femme, who has the right to claim it and what is the right way to embody it, somehow we keep skimming over the element central to its function: sex. … Continue reading fem in context: sex and identity, a language of love


"For me, being butch is about a primal attraction, an animal attraction to the femme: an irresistible attraction that unearths the depths of my being. Being a butch has been a lifetime of exploring and celebrating an animal lust and a deliciously uncontrollable urge toward another human being who shares the intensity of my passion … Continue reading

"In all these conversations I have been having with butches, they always talk about their role confusion: are they a man or not a man? Why did they want to fuck women? But it seems they always had an image of themselves; they could always look at the movies and see the boy kissing the … Continue reading

"In the 1940s and 1950s, being a butch or part of a butch-fem couple on the streets meant claiming the identity of difference, of being a “homo” or a “queer.” “Homo” was the term commonly used to designate their difference by those who came out in the 1930s and 1940s while “queer” is the language … Continue reading