melting the stone

there’s a turn of phrase occasionally heard in lesbian community, an expression whose romantic wording conceals its sinister meaning: melting the stone. it doesn’t help that the entire concept is presented as romance triumphing over resistance, those who uncritically espouse it often high on the sense of power they mistake for desire. it’s a phrase … Continue reading melting the stone

lesbian pulp fiction: dance-hall dyke

continuing the trend of sensationalist titles designed to catch the eye and persuade the browser to fork over their seventy-five cents, DANCE-HALL DYKE hit the shelves in 1964. by this time, lesbian-themed fiction was a thriving genre that would continue to be popular until the pulp novel trade eventually dwindled in the 70s to make way for newer forms of cheap entertainment.

the kiss

every fem dreams of being kissed in such a way it makes her weak at the knees and shaken to the core. when we were girls first forming the fantasies of what we hoped would define us as women, we read the same stories and watched the same films as all the other little girls … Continue reading the kiss

as part of my ongoing efforts to revitalise the butch-fem community here where I live, last week I screened two lesbian-made, lesbian-starring porn films from the 80s and 90s as a retrospective event. it was three months of intense effort and energy that led to a single evening, over far too quickly. I wanted to … Continue reading

November 30 was the third meetup of the Butch-Femme Social Network I established last year. when I began this project in 2017, it was essentially the first step I took back into the world from the isolation and trauma I had been mired in for years. some of that trauma was both caused and exacerbated … Continue reading

it’s not just about the way she looks, it’s about the way she moves too - how she separates space to make way, coming through like she knew I was right here and needing her right about now. it’s how she moves that really makes my breath catch, like I hitched in too fast, too … Continue reading