fem vs feminism: a false dichotomy

Leather & Lace Mary Vazquez it really is incredibly important for people to recognise that navigations around societally-demanded feminine grooming, political ideal and personal autonomy in those decisions are never simple, easy or straight-forward for fem/mes. no matter what particular choices we make - to wear makeup, to remove body hair, to wear high heels, … Continue reading fem vs feminism: a false dichotomy


being fem in an old boi’s club

a leather butch I respected and admired recently went on a femmephobic tirade that left me shocked and reflecting sadly on how so often fems must navigate these kinds of betrayals in our communities. of a photograph of rapists, war mongers and white supremacists, her anger was reserved for the sole woman standing amongst them. … Continue reading being fem in an old boi’s club

please enjoy this edited highlight reel of my show at this year's Butch/Stud event, celebrating butch identity and culture. I read my piece 'beautiful', and did a little strip to a video compilation of gorgeous butches from over the decades. some of those gorgeous butches honoured in the montage playing behind me include beloved community … Continue reading butch/stud


From the Archives: The Long-Lost Chapter of the Well of Loneliness

as a young fem, I nurtured an extremely fervent and painful infatuation with Radclyffe Hall for a while. my bookshelves are cluttered with the vintage biographies and old editions of her novels I scoured second-hand bookstores to find - the internet was a fraction of the resource it is now. I would stare at her … Continue reading From the Archives: The Long-Lost Chapter of the Well of Loneliness

fuck you, pay me

in a recent fit of frustration, I created these nails as a defiant ‘fuck you’ to the assumptions and stigma constantly heaped on my head in relation to my identity and experiences as a high fem lesbian sex worker. slurs & labels are arranged side-by-side, emphasising the entwined relationship between the contempt and condemnation generally directed … Continue reading fuck you, pay me